where there is will,
there is a highway

to travel is just the beginning

We started our journey in 2012, with like-minded individuals with the aim of exploring unchartered places, landscapes and destinations. As we grew, Wildloggers successfully clocked multiple trips across the country. No destination or landscape was left unchartered, whether they were the salt pans of the Rann of Kutch or the cold deserts and  landscapes of mountains and monasteries of Ladakh and Spiti or the valleys of Bhutan. We’ve travelled through the heart of the country exploring the ravines of Chambal and mapped the glorious Konkan coast of India.
Wildloggers Adventures is a bespoke travel company renowned for providing unique experiences, our team designs and curates itineraries to help you explore the roads less travelled and unseen destinations. Our team draws on its professional expertise with working with the built and natural environment, hospitality and education. Our groups are diverse, people from all age groups, women and babies are welcome too. We aim to build unforgettable memories; our trips are locally rooted authentic cultural experiences. We work closely with local communities and support their livelihood through promoting responsible tourism.
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